In today’s world, you can place your wagers to bet on virtually any sports you choose, but Australian gamblers have their very own favourites. These are the top popular sports that Australians enjoy betting on.

Australian Rules Football

This sport is the number one Australians love to bet on, go to matches, and watch on tv, making it the most popular in the country as a whole. It is chosen by almost 80% of Australian bettors, according to official government-provided statistics.

4 Popular Sports Australians Love to Bet On 1 - 4 Popular Sports Australians Love to Bet On

Horse Racing

Following Australian Rules Football closely in the popularity ranks, we see horse racing with a bit over 75% of bettors choosing these events to bet on. One of the main advantages that horse racing presents for bettors is that they have events throughout the whole year, with new races every day.

Additionally, bets are available for both national and international racing events, increasing the options for bettors to choose from and the level of excitement to be enjoyed.


This sport is hugely popular in Australia which also makes it a popularsport to bet on. Australians have a strong National Rugby League that offers local matches, State of Origin matches, and international competitions. Bettors can place their wagers on a number of things including the winner of a match and the first one to score.


Although this sport has only recently been adopted by Australians, its popularity has risen quickly due to the number of options available to enjoy it and bet on it. From October to the month of May, the domestic leagues’ matches provide locals with all the excitement of going to the matches.

Australians also love to bet on the English Premier League and the European Leagues, where they can place their wagers on top scorers, player of the tournament, and so on.

These are the most popular sports for Australian gamblers when it comes to betting, as they offer plenty of chances to place their wagers and a touch of excitement that gamblers love. The odds are constantly changing and the games and fixtures can be unpredictable, but Australians keep learning more about these sports and betting on them.