180413131514 09 las vegas casinos 300x169 - 7 tips on making successful football bets that bookmakers don’t want you to know (Part 2)

These tips will help you reduce the risk and improve your odds of winning

Fewer decisions, Easier you win

In reality, this is not a mystery of gambling. It’s easy to recognize, but bettors still forget about it. 

The less choices you bet on the better your odds of winning, and vice versa! 

If you bet on making money, think little, don’t be selfish. One team or one pick, at most three or four, is enough.

Don’t head out with the crowd 

There are matches where from the press to the forums, from the public opinion on the sidewalk to the experts, everybody feels that a certain side is certain to prevail. 

Experience of games like this is better to stop or expend a little money on the crowd. Lose the little one, but win a lot. It might be a soccer betting secret that’s going to astound you.

Don’t bet on your heart 

You would want your team to win. You’re looking forward to that so much that you’re beginning to persuade yourself that it’s coming. And so you’re banking on that confidence. 

That’s what bookmakers really want. Since they’re raising a lot of money per week from the supporters of the home team. 

Please find information about several bookmakers before you put bets

Did you know that there are variations in the odds that bookmakers are giving for the same match? The gap may have been quite a deal. So the #6 bet is not to stick to just one dealer. Make it a habit to check a lot of bookmakers to see where the best bets are for the match you want.

Record your history of betting 

It may sound time consuming, but the habit of tracking your bet codes is really beneficial. It lets you see how much money you’re tossing away, and it will make you adjust the way you bet. 

Build a convenient Excel table to record your bets. The items you can report are the condition you chose, the disability (odds), the stake number, the result of the bet, the interest won (if any). 

After a certain time, such as a week a half-month, you can summarize your betting results. In addition to profit/loss, you can also see which bet codes are working, which bet codes make you risk a lot in order to make the requisite changes.