about kitransfers - About Us

Our Founder

James Blackburn founded Kangaroo Island Transfers two years ago in 2018, as a way to share what he knows about betting in sports with the whole world. He is a court judge who also happens to be a fierce fan of the Wallabies and plays Australian Rules Football in his spare time.

Birth of a Team

He quickly put a team together by reaching out to the best sports gamblers he had met throughout the course of his visits to sports bars. We are now all working together and putting our knowledge on this website, to make it possible for you to learn about it too.

Our Target

We are particularly loved by beginners, who find in our website the guides and help they need to succeed as sports gamblers, all laid out in layman’s terms. While not our main target, we have found that the pros love reading us as well, given that they enjoy providing suggestions and feedback about what we offer.

Our Goal

Every team member makes it their job to provide users with the most relevant and useful information of any kind, that anybody can read and leverage in a sports bet. We want our users to have a legit way of turning the odds to favour them and alsoenjoy the world of Australian sports.

We encourage our users to contact us and ask their questions, given that his helps us grow and provide better services to those who prefer us. Make sure you browse through our website before you place your next bet and you will find that we help you win.