Serge Gnabry scored a hat trick in Bayern ‘8-0 victory over Schalke in the Bundesliga first round on September 18.

In the opening match, the defending champions Bayern expressed their intention to protect the championship of the Bundesliga. Gnabry scored three goals, Robert Lewandowski built a cross-legged style, Joshua Kimmich kept the contest, making fans forget Thiago Alcantara, and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer was almost inactive. 

Neuer had to save Bayern once, as Schalke got better in the first minute. The shot of rookie Goncalo Paciencia caused Neuer to save his life.

Bayern scored the first strike. In the fourth minute, Kimmich, wearing No. 6 jersey instead of Thiago, swung the ball as if it was for Gnabry in front of the penalty spot. After a nice ball, Gnabry turned to extract Captain Benjamin Stambouli from Schalke, then fired down the high corner to overcome goalkeeper Ralf Fahrmann.

Visitors were happy not to sacrifice the fourth goal in the first half, but they also had to head to the net to pick up the ball at the beginning of the second half. Bayern counter-attacked easily, taking the ball up for the Gnabry-Sane pair to strike two. Gnabry touched the ball at the right height so that Sane could go down to face the goalie. The young Bayern rookie wanted to trick Fahrmann past, inadvertently converting Gnabry into a pass to score his second personal goal.

Only two minutes later, Kimmich turned up again with a convenient slice for Sane to face the goaltender. 

gnabry bayern 300x193 - Bayern won the Bundesliga 8-0

This time, Sane did not move to his teammates, but put his heart on the far corner to score

Schalke’s nightmare came to an end in the 81st minute. 17-year-old forward Jamal Musiala dribbled and sunk into the adjacent corner of the penalty area. The defense of Schalke can only watch the young talents of Chelsea play. Musiala, born in 2003, has been the youngest player to score for Bayern in the Bundesliga.