Novak Djokovic is not expected to encounter several difficulties against Diego Schwartzman in his opening match of the group stage ATP Finals on 16 November.

In an ATP interview on November 14, Novak Djokovic thanked Diego Schwartzman for inning tickets to the ATP Finals for the first time. According to Djokovic, Schwartzman belongs to the category of players who play the fastest and most ferocious ATP. However when comparing two players before today’s clash, it’s not hard to confirm that Djokovic is absolutely in the upper door. 

This is mirrored in part in the 5-0 record against Djokovic. Since the first meeting in 2014 on every pitch, Schwartzman has always been lost. Most recently, the two players have played in the Rome Masters Final and on the clay field, which is the best of Argentina’s players, Schwartzman has nevertheless easily lost 5-7, 3-6.

images - Djokovic-Schwartzman: it's impossible to get any surprises

This is the year that marks Schwartzman’s first landmark

He won the first time against a player in the top 5 ATP, made his debut at the Masters 1000 event final, made his Grand Slam semi-final debut. Schwartzman is also the first Argentine to compete in the ATP Finals since the time of Juan Martin del Potro. 

This shows that the player’s growth is just 1m70 tall, but not enough to equate with what Djokovic has done this year. The Serbian player stayed very good with 39 wins after 42 tournaments, winning four tournaments, including the Grand Slam and the Masters 1000. Although Schwartzman made his ATP Finals debut, Djokovic has five championships and two finishes in this playground.

Hard indoor courts are also not Schwartzman’s preferred sites. During his career, the Jewish player claimed three championships, all three in the outdoor courts and two in the clay courts. Although the fast ball is Schwartzman’s preference, restraining the service could make him lose Djokovic because of his modest height.