E-Sports, also known as e-sports, has evolved rapidly over the last 10 years and has quickly become a billion dollar industry with millions of players and fans all over the world. A number of top-notch professional tournaments are held with massive incentives, such as DotA 2 International, which is held annually with prizes of up to USD 30 million. 

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As a result, E-Sports betting is also being created

What’s E- sports? 

Electronic sports (E-Sports; ESports; Electronic-Sports; Combat Games; or Pro Gaming) is a type of online gambling between gamers in the form of live-stream competitions; there are unique rules for the referee and several punishments, such as real-life sports. 

There are over 100 games voted ESport, but divided into four major genres: 

Plan-The strategy 

First person shooter, FPS 

Real-time combat-MOBA-Online multiplayer battlefield arena 

Survival-Royal War

E-Sports betting attracts a lot of players

Similar to soccer betting, you can also watch top sports events like Dota 2; League of Legends; Starcraft; Storm Heroes, Hearthstone… You should bet on your favorite team and wait for a chance to win.

Bookmakers offer E-Sports bets with a range of odds, such as first blood team bets; parlay bets; bets over the number of kills in the match; bets at the end of the match… In addition, the handicap in e-sports bets may be a round number, a map or another form of handicap depending on each match. Different handicaps would be referred to as the same handicap.

E-Sport odds 

Normally, trustworthy bookmakers can have electronic sports betting in three main types of bets for Dota2, Paddy, CSGO… The following tournaments: 

Money Line: Predict the player or the team that will win the game. Betting results require overtime play or overtime, if any.

Handicap: Predict more than one player or team to win the match with the dealer’s odds. Betting results require overtime play or overtime, if any. E-Sports handicap bets are settled by adding to one of the teams; the players are poorer than a certain handicap on the map and round elements.