sebastian vettel 300x208 - Ferrari racing team announced that they would enter the F1 in Australia, despite the Italian ban on COVID-19

The Ferrari Racing Team has announced that they will enter the F1 in Australia provided there are no unforeseen issues

Although Italy is currently second in the number of Coronavirus infections, the team is confident that the plans for the next race will be done as expected. 

Up until now (March 10, 2020) Italy has reported 9,172 cases of COVID-19 infection. The Italian Government issued a moratorium on 8 March 2020 and announced the suspension of tourism and overseas travel. This has a huge effect on the success of the Ferrari racing team as any of the team members are already home and will not be able to drive to Melbourne (Australia) to attend the first F1 Grand Prix.

The Ferrari racing team said that they would follow and obey the instructions of the Italian Government and always search the team members closely if there is any evidence of Covid-19. Government orders will have a huge influence on the team’s preparations if team members are not present. It is understood that there are only five days (March 15, 2020) until the first F1 race of 2020. 

According to Motorsport, Ferrari just knows: “We’re always doing well and we’re still sending people to track and review the team’s overall condition. We’re still in touch with the authority and we’re going to inform them immediately if anything goes wrong. If our representatives don’t make it to Australia, we’ve got a second option in mind. ” 

The Ferrari Racing Team quickly contacted the FIA and asked them to ensure that when they arrived in countries quarantined by foreign tourists such as Italy, their team was thoroughly involved, punctual and safe.

Not long after that, Ross Brawn (F1 Formula Race Executive in Australia) said, “If a team does not participate, F1 will not be allowed to play.”