If you are a big fan of the Wallabies, Australia’s national rugby team, there is some news that you should know. The Wallabies have been put in the spotlight many times during this troubled year for sports and all kinds of events.

An Australian Coach is Needed

Rugby The Wallabies on the Spotlight 1 - Rugby - The Wallabies on the Spotlight

Dave Rennie, who is the current coach for the team, was appointed with the goal of bringing the Wallabies back up in international rugby ranking. Although he has undertaken the task gladly, he has stated that he will leave after 2023’s World Cup because he feels that the team needs an Australian couch.

They Might Face 5 Tests

Rugby The Wallabies on the Spotlight 2 - Rugby - The Wallabies on the Spotlight

The Wallabies will face their biggest challenge yet in the next Bledisloe Cup, as they will have to endure as many as five tests against the All Blacks. The teams have met before, but the Australians haven’t beat the Kiwis three times in a row since 1998. Moreover, the All Blacks have a 17 times winning streak in the cup.

This harsh deal for the Wallabies has been the result of this years’ travel complication due to the pandemic and necessary travel bans in many rugby countries like South Africa. With the length and dates of the World Cup, the only thing that is certain is that New Zealand will host the whole event.

A Captain Change on the Horizon

Rugby The Wallabies on the Spotlight 3 - Rugby - The Wallabies on the Spotlight

MichealCheika, the Wallabies’ former coach, gave team’s captaincy to young Michael Hooper back in 2017. Since then, his main job has been to improve the side’s performance and he is determined to stay on as the leader for Australia’s national selection.

Rennie, the team’s current coach, has stated that whether or not Hooper keeps his captaincy will depend on his performance in the upcoming tests against the All Blacks.

This news clearly shows how, due to the irregular circumstances that have resulted from the pandemic, the Wallabies have ended up in rugby’s spotlight. With a foreign coach looking to leave soon, five challenging tests against the All Blacks and a possible team captain change on the horizon, there is a lot to talk about in regards to the Wallabies.