For people outside of Australia, this might be the first time hearing about Australian Rules Football, but this sport actually became official before its brother football did.

Origins and Today

Australian Rules football first came into existenceat the end of the 1859s, as a mixture of many of the football-type games that existed back then. Curiously, the sport emerged out of cricket players’ need to stay in shape during winter, when they couldn’t play cricket. It has now taken on a life of its own and became the number one favourite to watch and attend.

The Game’s Elements

The main element is, of course, the ball which is oval and weighs a bit less than 500 grams. The field size is unique, in the sense that it is not standardized, the only thing that matters is that it has an oval shape and isn’t wider than 155 meters, not longer than 185 meters. The goalposts are at least 6 meters tall and place within 6.4 meters of each other.


The main way to score is to kick the ball through the opponent’s goal line, between the goalposts, which earns a team 6 points. There are also behind scores worth one point, which are scored when the ball crosses the goal line without a clear path between the posts.

The Teams

Each Australian Rules Football team has 18 players out in the field at the same time, who can run with the ball for 15 meters uninterrupted, at which point they must pass or bounce it. If an opponent catches the player holding the ball, he must let go of the ball immediately by passing it to a teammate through punt-kicking or handballing.

The Fans

Females have a larger presence among the fans of this sport, than they do on other football games like soccer, with as much as one-third of attendees being women. Each team has its own theme song, sung by fans on every match.

The support of fans can be shown in extremes as surpassing the amount of the local population when attending a game. This happened in Melbourne back in 1957, when their population of 1.7 million was witness to 2.5 million fans attending VFL matches.

Sites to Bet on It

There are a number of sites that allowsbettors to choosebetween where they can bet. It can be a good idea to do an online search when looking up which sites that are the most popular. There are also physical locations where it can be done which can be popular spots for people living in the vicinity.

Australian Rules Football is an exciting sport to follow and it is no wonder why they are the favourite to both watch and bet on. If you are going to try it make sure to visit sites that can be trusted.

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